Consulting & Business Processes

The basis of our experience in project management and services related to large-scale SAP, smaller systems, to software development, testing, supply and hardware technology, outsourcing and building organizational units and connecting business enterprise or purpose of the organization with information systems and technologies.

We have years of experience with process modeling in the BPMN standard. We use BPMN not only in the process-oriented contracts, but anywhere in the project where it is appropriate to describe the process or workflow.

  • Coverage mapping business processes IS
  • Project management implementation and optimization (tailoring)
  • Analysis of needs and criteria for the selection of information systems
  • Procurement
  • Supplier scorecarding
  • Due Diligence
  • Modelling the current and target state organizations
  • Setting project metrics, tools, and evaluation of state
  • Project audits and reviews, implementation project management tools and services
  • Application of quality and commitment of other certifications
  • Organizational consulting for IS and competence centers

Interim management

We work temporary external managers focused on information systems and technology perform specific actions related to management and increasing business value and form of the work or assume responsibility for the complete project delivery manager to optimize your information system.

  • temporary (interim) management for reorganization
  • Certified project Management
  • Quality Management projects, establishing project metrics, tools, and evaluation of state
  • Project audits and reviews
  • Facilitation - a professional process management leadership meetings
  • change management in projects
  • Acceptance testing including management
  • Implementation of SAP
  • Human resources providing (bodyshoping, long-term contracts)

Services & Support

We offer post-implementation services for our products and third party products.

We take over the tasks from customers and we try our best to fulfill a pre-defined conditions. We strive to maintain long-term relationships with our customers and continues to suggestions for improvement. We want our success was based on the success and satisfaction of you, our customers.

  • Providing helpdesk service (HelpDesk, Support Desk)
  • Implementing effective service desk
  • continual delivery of services
  • Maintenance